Loyalty & Marketplaces

Most off the shelf marketing and fraud solutions are not designed for loyalty use cases, especially if you’ve built your own proprietary loyalty platform. Vendors are happy to sell you their wares and stretch their use cases for you, but they do not have the end-to-end capabilities that can solve your problems effectively.

For example, there are fraud solutions that are narrowly designed to help you with payment fraud, and there are other solutions that can help you manage account takeovers. One or the other lends a hand with AML issues every now and then. And there are altogether different tools that help you manage attrition, response, and volume growth.

Collectively, these solutions leave you with huge gaps that are exploited daily by miscreants and create friction among your most profitable customers.

You can replace any or all of these solutions with Paylitix or simply create an umbrella under which you can enjoy the best of all of them without the inherent darkness, friction, and exposure.

Behavioral Telemetry for Payments℠

Turnkey tools for driving loyalty, managing risk, and understanding your customers.