Branded Currency

Gift cards have not achieved the full promise of a branded currency, and open loop prepaid struggles to find its footing in brand marketing.

In addition to deep roots in the bankcard issuing space, our team has pioneering experience building the world’s leading first party gift card solution.

That company hosted the best first-party user experience for 350+ of the world’s most iconic brands.

We also achieved the best fraud performance ‒ lowest losses, highest approval rates, and virtually instant fulfillment of high-risk digital gift cards.

Among our learnings:

  • Our internally developed, proprietary tools for managing fraud were even better at identifying positive opportunities (though we never shared them with clients, except in short periodic presentations).
  • Brands don’t have anywhere close to as much visibility into the behavior of their customers as we had expected.
  • No gift card solutions offer effective tools for measuring the performance of expensive promotion campaigns.
  • There are better ways to generate lift than discounting, but there are no tools for testing into these strategies in real time.
  • Vendors jealously deprive brands of valuable data, and brands have poor internal access to data that flows through their own processes.
  • Brands have virtually no visibility into the lift that their distribution partners bring to the table, especially at the point of sale. When they do, the reporting arrives too late to be actionable.
  • Gift cards are poorly integrated with marketing and risk functions across the broader organization. As a result, opportunities to profitably expand gift card programs are not internally funded.
  • Open loop in its current form mostly benefits the card brands.
  • Innovation has been at a standstill for years.

We built Paylitix in large part to rectify these shortcomings.

Behavioral Telemetry for Payments℠

Turnkey tools for driving loyalty, managing risk, and understanding your customers.